Crystalline D-Xylose

The main application for D-Xylose is the manufacturing of Xylitol as a non-cariogenic speciality sweetener. D-Xylose is also widely used in flavour and pet food applications such as Maillard reaction flavours and pet food palatability enhancers.

In addition D-Xylose is being increasingly used in cosmetics, personal care products and as a raw material for various applications ranging from bio-degradable detergents to agricultural products.


Key Features and Benefits of D-Xylose

Healtang’s high purity crystalline D-Xylose is extracted from corn cobs with the state of the art purification technology resulting our products with very low carbon footprint in production.

 D-Xylose Features:

● Very high purity

● Non-GMO product

● Kosher & Halal

● Chemically and microbiologically stable

● Sustainable production

Crystalline D-Xylose

Crystalline D-Xylose Features