China Xylitol Powder Supplier

China Xylitol Powder Supplier

Xylitol is a white crystal or crystalline powder with a sweet taste, comparable in sweetness to sucrose, easily soluble in water (about 160 g/ml), slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol, with a melting point of 91°C-96°C, a boiling point of 216°C and a calorific value of 16.72 KJ/g (the same as glucose). It is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and light industries.

Product Name: Xylitol, D-xylitol

CAS No.: 87-99-0

Characteristics: White powder White powder

Purity (test). 99.5% or less

Molecular formula. C5H12O5, (CHOH)3(CH2OH)2

Xylitol powder, D-xylitol structural formula.png

Packing: 25Kgs/case; 25Kgs/bag; 25Kgs/bag.

Packing: 25Kgs/case; 25Kgs/bag; 25Kgs/fibre drum

Description: Xylitol

Xylitol (D-Xylitol) is a white sweet crystalline alcohol derived from xylose (C5H12O5). It is used in chewing gum and oral health commodities to inhibit bacteria that cause tooth decay and as a substitute for dietary sugar.

Xylitol (D-Xylitol) is an organic compound with the chemical formula (CHOH)3(CH2OH)2. This non-chiral species is one of the three isomers of 1,2,3,4,5-pentanol. This sugar alcohol is used as a natural sugar substitute found in the fibres of many fruits and vegetables, including various berries, corn husks, oats and mushrooms. Xylitol (D-Xylitol) can be extracted from corn fibre, birch, raspberries, plums and maize. It is roughly as sweet as sucrose and has only two-thirds the food energy.


ItemsReference StandardUSP /BP / FCC
AppearanceWhite or almost white, crystallinepowder or crystals
IdentificationInfrared absorption
SolubilityEasily dissolve in water, slightlysoluble in ethanol
Melt point92 °C – 96 °C.
Other Polyol (on dry base)≤ 1.0%
Reducing sugar≤ 0.2%
Water≤ 0.5%
Residue on ignition≤ 0.1%
Heavy metals,≤ 10mg/kg
Lead≤ 0.5 mg/kg
Nickel≤ 1 mg/kg
Total count≤100 CFU/g
Yeast & Mold≤100 CFU/g

China Xylitol Powder Supplier


Synthetic organic materials can be used to prepare surfactants, emulsifiers, emulsion breakers, various resins and alkyd paints and varnishes. The synthesis of fatty acids and the formation of plasticisers from volatile esters is not possible. Xylitol (D-Xylitol) is able to replace glycerol and is used in the paper, household goods and defence industries. Because it is a polyhydroxy compound, sweet, non-toxic and with a low calorific value, it is suitable as a sweetener for food and diabetics.

Xylitol (D-Xylitol) is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener. It is used to denote sugar alcohols. It is classified as a polyol or sugar alcohol (specifically as an aldehyde alcohol). Its formula is CH2OH(CHOH)3CH2OH. xylitol (D-Xylitol) is a colourless or white solid that is soluble in water. Products containing xylitol can help reduce tooth decay.

Xylitol (D-Xylitol) is a substance that is classified as a sugar alcohol (or polyol).

Sugar alcohols are like a mixture of sugar molecules and alcohol molecules. Their structure allows them to stimulate the sweet taste receptors on the tongue.

Xylitol (D-Xylitol) is found in small quantities in many fruits and vegetables. As such, it is widely considered to be natural. Humans even produce small amounts of D-Xylitol through normal metabolism.

It is a common ingredient in sugar-free chewing gum, candy, mints, diabetic-friendly foods and oral care products.

Xylitol (D-Xylitol) is similar in sweetness to regular sugar, but contains 40% fewer calories.


Table sugar: 4 calories per gram.

Xylitol (D-Xylitol). 2.4 calories per gram.

Apparently, xylitol (D-Xylitol) is a refined sweetener, so it does not contain any vitamins, minerals or proteins. In this sense, it is "empty" calories.

Xylitol (D-Xylitol) can be processed from trees such as birch, but it can also be transformed into xylitol by industrial processing of a plant fibre called xylan.

It is a white crystal with a similar appearance and taste to sucrose. Xylitol (D-Xylitol) is the sweetest of the polyol sweeteners, with a refreshing taste and a sweetness equivalent to sucrose. It is considered to be a future alternative to sweeteners, sucrose and glucose. In terms of food grade, there is a broad and narrow definition of xylitol. Broadly defined as a carbohydrate and narrowly defined as a polyol. Because xylitol (D-Xylitol) can be slowly absorbed or only partially used. The low calorie content is the main characteristic of xylitol: 2.4 calories per gram, less than 40% of other carbohydrates. From the 1960s with food applications. Xylitol (D-xylitol) is popular in some countries. It can be utilised as a food additive and it is not limited by the amount added. It is certified as the best sweetener for the prevention of dental caries in different situations. Xylitol (D-Xylitol) can be utilised as the main sweetener in chewing gum and confectionery. It has also been officially approved by the dental associations of six countries.

Benefits and functions of xylitol.

As a diabetic sweetener, nutritional supplement and complementary therapeutic agent. Xylitol (D-Xylitol) is an intermediate in the body's carbohydrate metabolism. A lack of insulin in the body may affect the metabolism of glucose. D-Xylitol is also able to pass through cell membranes. It will be absorbed and utilised by the tissues to promote glycogen synthesis, nutrition and energy in the cells. D-Xylitol does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels and eliminates diabetes. It is the most suitable substance for diabetics as a nutritional and sugar substitute.

Improves liver function.

Xylitol (D-Xylitol) promotes glycogen synthesis. If glucose is not increased, there can be an improvement in liver function in patients with liver disease and anti-fatty liver.

Uses and applications

Widely used in the production of other products such as xylitol eye drops and xylitol otitis media cure drugs.

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