A natural sugar used to create a savoury flavour

D-xylose, commonly known as xylose, is a natural 5-carbon sugar (pentose) obtained from xylan-rich parts of hardwoods such as birch.

D-xylose is used to improve flavour and also helps to produce visually appealing browning in savoury applications. Compared to other reducing sugars commonly used, D-xylose requires considerably less reaction time to produce the desired flavour.

D-Xylose is a sugar found in nature and isolated from wood pulp. In everyday applications, this sugar is widely used as a diabetic sweetener. In the scientific field it is used as a highly active sugar in savoury reactions, such as the Merad reaction.

D-xylose is a monosaccharide pentose obtained from xylan-rich trees such as birch. It is also commonly referred to as xylose. When the aldehyde group is free, it is a reducing sugar and will be involved in the Merade reaction. Xylose is a natural 5-carbon sugar that reacts with amino acids to produce other flavours in the brad reaction. d-Xylose can be used to improve the flavour and help the brad reaction to produce brown colour.

Xylose is the main component of hemicellulose xylan, which is common in many plants.

Healtang D-Xylose is a pure crystalline powder available in a wide range of high purity grades and flavours. It is used in meat, prepared foods, pharmaceuticals, pet food and animal feed.

Key benefits

Natural and non-GMO

Helps to create flavour

Improves aroma

Enhances visual appearance

Enables rapid Melard browning reaction

Application areas


Meat, poultry and seafood

Pet food


Reaction of D-Xylose

D-xylose will undergo a melad reaction at lower temperatures and can be used to produce meat flavours when reacted with cysteine and glycine for food products.

D-Xylose is a white crystalline powder that is readily soluble in water. Also soluble in water, xylose is supplied in liquid form. As a sugar, it is sweet and has similar characteristics to glucose. It is excellent for producing meaty flavours when reacting with amino acids in the Merad reaction. Xylose requires less temperature and time to produce the following flavours.

Roast beef

Roast pork, chicken



and other baked or roasted flavours.

Xylose is also further processed into xylitol, which is added to some chewing gums.


D-(+)-Xylose has been used:

as one of the component to stimulate microbial activity

for the enhancement of biofilm formation

as a part of biochemical tests for the identification of B. cereus group

for substrate screening characterization


How we can help

Clean labels

D-xylose is a naturally occurring pentose sugar that is found in low levels in a wide range of fruits and vegetables. It is classified as a general food (or feed) ingredient rather than a food additive.

Better nutrition

The ingested portion of D-xylose is absorbed only in the intestine and therefore has a much lower impact on blood sugar and serum insulin levels than glucose or sucrose. This makes it an important ingredient in diabetic foods.


Healtang D-Xylose is naturally derived from wood.


The production of xylose is unique to Healtang and uses pulp and paper mill by-products as raw materials. On average, it emits five times less greenhouse gases than conventional corn cob products and supports at least three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



Since the 1950s, D-xylose has been used in food applications worldwide for its merad-reactive flavour and colour, and as a sweetener in diabetic foods. The Flavour and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) generally considers the use of D-xylose in savoury systems to be safe (GRAS).

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D-Xylose Sugar Support & FAQs

1. What’s your payment term of D-Xylose sugar?

T/T or LC. If you want to buy Xylose sugar at a favorable D-Xylose price, please feel free to contact us.

2. Is Healtang a D-Xylose supplier and manufacturer?

Yes, we are a professional D-Xylose supplier and manufacturer. We provide high quality D-Xylose for sale.

3. What is your Min Order Quantity of D-Xylose powder?

As for D-Xylose sugar, MOQ is 100Kg. We will make an attractive discount in D-Xylose price in terms of larger orders.

4. What is the D-Xylose price?

Healtang is a leading D-Xylose supplier and manufacturer. We continously monitor the Xylose price trend in market and provide you with the best D-Xylose price.

5. What’s your delivery time for D-Xylose sugar?

Normally we will arrange the shipment in 7-15 days.

6. Where to buy Xylose sugar?

We provide quality D-Xylose for sale in food and beverage industries. Our loading ports include Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin.

7. What about your packaging for D-Xylose sugar?

Normally 25Kg /bag or carton drum. As a D-Xylose supplier and manufacturer, we can change the package in terms of your requirements.

8. What documents can you provide for D-Xylose sugar?

We provide packing list, COA, commerical invoice, bill of loading, health and origin certificates and other documents. Healtang is your first choice to buy D-Xylose sugar at a low D-Xylose price.

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