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Xylitol is no longer unknown. By now, this sugar substitute, which is a sugar alcohol, is a well-established product. It is used not only in chewing gum, but also in toothpaste, confectionery and chocolate. Xylitol tastes as sweet as regular sugar but contains 40% fewer calories and has a cooling effect as soon as it is dissolved.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that can be found in corn, fruit and mushrooms, and it can be formed in the body's sugar metabolism. The latter helps our bodies to recognise, absorb and utilise xylitol. Xylitol is mainly made from maize from China or birch from Finland. There is no difference in the quality of the end product, but this is a matter of personal preference.

The production of xylitol sugar and xylitol powder is a complex process, first discovered and carried out by Emil Fischer in 1891. The production process is relatively complex. Firstly, the raw material, i.e. corn cobs or wood chips, is 'dissolved' in water. Through hydrogenation, xylose is made into xylitol. Afterwards, the mixture is heated to evaporate the water and form a concentrate, which is then crystallised using a centrifuge. Here, the last of the water disappears - after drying and sieving, our pure xylitol is complete. Xylitol is available in two different particle sizes - mainly as crystals of normal sugar, or finer.

Xylitol powder is mainly used in dental and oral care. The chewing gums receive a sweet taste and also have a refreshing flavour reminiscent of mints, but more importantly, they are tooth-friendly. Xylitol reduces tooth decay in children and adults because xylitol, in contrast to regular sugar, does not form a breeding ground for bacteria, which convert sugar into acids. These acids strip our teeth of minerals, leading to brittle teeth, bad breath and tooth decay.

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China Xylitol Powder

Product name: Xylitol

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Product properties. Easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol, melting point 92~96℃, boiling point 216℃. 10% aqueous solution pH5.0~7.0.

Packing: 25KG plastic-paper composite bag


-Xylitol is useful for weight loss, glycation and pneumonia.

-Xylitol can prevent tooth decay and improve the immune system.

-Xylitol promotes the action of beneficial germs and improves the immunity of the body.

-Cakes made with xylitol stay softer than cakes made with the moisturiser of sugar.

-Xylitol absorbs more heat than other polyols, so foods made with xylitol have a cool flavour and retain their original food flavour.

-Xylitol is not good for microorganisms and cannot be fermented by yeast; foods made with xylitol can be stored for a long time without any preservatives.

1、Healthy sweetener: Xylitol is sweetened with sucrose and extracted from natural raw materials, it is a natural healthy sweetener and can be used in sugar-free food, sugar-free candy and other healthy foods.

2、Preventing dental caries: Xylitol cannot be fermented and used by bacteria in the mouth, and has the best effect in preventing dental caries among all sweeteners. It can be widely used in various oral care products.

3、Preventing blood sugar: Xylitol does not need insulin to influence the glucose metabolism in the body, it does not need insulin to promote, it can also pass through the cell membrane and be absorbed by the tissue. It is used as a sweetener, nutritional supplement and adjuvant for diabetic patients.

4、Improve liver function: Xylitol can promote the synthesis of glycogen, reduce the consumption of fat and protein in liver tissues, so that the liver can be protected and repaired, improve liver function in patients with liver disease and fatty liver, have obvious effect on therapeutic hepatitis, hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, is the ideal auxiliary drug for patients with hepatitis complications.

5、Weight loss function: Xylitol has the advantage of low calorie compared with ordinary granulated sugar. Xylitol contains only 2.4 calories per gram, which is 40% lower than most other carbohydrates, so xylitol can be applied to various weight loss foods as a substitute for high-calorie sugar.

6、Improve the function of gastrointestinal tract: Xylitol can promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria. Promote the proliferation of beneficial intestinal flora, improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract, with high activity, is a very promising functional additive factor.

7, hygroscopic, used to make some snacks, wetter, softer and longer than cane sugar, at the same time can extend the shelf life of food, such as making cakes, bread, etc. It can be used as a cosmetic type of wet blend, which is not irritating to human skin.

8, strengthen the taste: after consumption can produce a good cool and refreshing feeling in the mouth, when frozen the effect is better, can be used for comfortable cold drinks, desserts, milk, coffee, etc.. It can also be used in health drinks, throat lozenges, cough syrup, etc. It can also be added to mint, lisianthus, etc. The food flavor.

9、Extend shelf life: Xylitol is fermented by yeast, which is unfavourable to microbial cultures and has a long lasting sweetness, so it can extend its shelf life.

10、No browning reaction: Xylitol has no aldehyde and ketone groups in its structure, and does not produce browning reaction after heating, so it can be made into different flavours of baked goods.

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