Bulk Xylitol Powder

Xylitol is a sugar-free sweetener naturally extracted from the birch tree. This xylitol is GMO-free.

The free-flowing white crystalline particles of xylitol have a taste and aroma similar to that of white sugar. Xylitol can be used as a substitute for sugar in cooking or at the dinner table.

How to use.

Xylitol can be used as a substitute for sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is ideal for sweetening hot drinks and is also great when cooking. Xylitol is particularly suitable as a substitute for white sugar in baking recipes. Use xylitol in a 1:1 ratio instead of refined sugar.


Store in an airtight container in a cool (<25 o ) dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Shelf life.

Up to 36 months when stored as described above.


Xylitol crystals extracted from birch wood.


Zero. This product may have been manufactured, packaged and/or stored in facilities that process nuts, dairy products, gluten, soya, sesame, sulphites, eggs and/or other allergens.

Mandatory Advisory Statement: Contains xylitol. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

Bulk Xylitol Powder

Xylitol in large quantities!

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol and can therefore be used as a natural sweetener and sugar substitute.

Xylitol powder contains only 0.4 kcal per serving and has a glycemic index of only 7. Most sugars have a GI of around 65-100.

Xylitol has many health benefits compared to sugar. It is even suitable for certain diabetic patients.

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