Xylitol is a naturally occurring five-carbon polyol, found in many fruits and vegetables, which generated by human bodies. It is a pure and natural sweetener that has unique oral health benefits, providing all the taste and sweetness of sugar with only half the calories.


Unique Oral Health Benefits

Xylitol is the first and only polyol to be singled out for its unique dental benefits. It is recommended by many dental associations worldwide.

Key Benefits

● Non-GMO produts

● The most sustainable xylitol on the market

● Possesses unique oral health benefits

● No aftertaste, enhanced mint flavours, added fresh fruit flavours, and effectively reduced bitter flavours

● Natural, intense cooling sensation

● Same sweetness intensity as sucrose

● Low calorie—suitable for weight management

● Low glycemic response—suitable for diabetics


Xylitol Features

Application Areas

● Bakery
● Beverages
● Confectionary
● Culinary
● Dairy
● Dietary Supplements
● Frozen Desserts
● Fruit Applications
● Oral Care
● Pharmaceuticals