Crystalline L-Arabinose

Crystalline L-arabinose – for flavoring, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications

L-arabinose is a versatile, multipurpose sugar. It can be used as a raw material for Maillard reaction spice and is increasingly used as a nutritional supplement to support healthy weight management. L-arabinose is a proven sucrase inhibitor that, when used with sucrose-containing foods, lowers the glycemic index of foods.


L-Arabinose is a versatile sugar with many different applications.

It is a great ingredient capable of the Maillard reaction, which creates amazing flavors. It is also gaining popularity as a nutritional supplement for healthy weight management. L-Arabinose is proven as a sucrose enzyme inhibitor, which efficiently lowers the glycemic index of ingested food that contains sucrose.

L-Arabinose can also be applied as an intermediate for several active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) which have been developed for various clinical indications.

Key Features and Benefits of L-Arabinose

Healtang’s high-purity crystalline L-Arabinose is extracted from corn cobs with state of the art purification technology allowing for very low carbon footprint end product being offered.

Crystalline L-Arabinose

Crystalline L-Arabinose

Crystalline L-Arabinose Features

L-Arabinose Features:

● Very high purity

● Non-GMO product

● Kosher & Halal

● Chemically and microbiologically stable

● Sustainable production