Crystalline L-Fucose

L-fucose is a naturally occurring deoxysugar vitally important in several functions of a human body. It is very rarely found in nature but Ardilla has developed a cutting edge technology to extract and purify high quality crystalline end product from sustainable, natural and non-GMO seaweed.


Used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and clinical skincare applications.

L-fucose is a crucial part of human carbohydrates regulating physical protein-protein, cell-cell and protein-cell interactions. These may be distorted by genetic disorders, sicknesses and due to environmental or age-related factors.  Based on scientific research, L-fucose is finding new applications within health and nutrition industries. In cosmetics it has an anti-ageing effect on human skin by preventing skin metalloproteinases to destroy elastin which is crucial for skin elasticity and by activating elastin synthesis.

Key Features and Benefits of Crystalline L–Fucose

Healtang’s L-Fucose is a very high chemical purity crystalline powder. We extract our form from a sustainable non-GMO source of seaweed. Our normal process incorporates the latest cutting edge purification technologies, allowing for economical and sustainable production with very little waste of generation.

Crystalline L-Fucose

Crystalline L-Fucose Features

Crystalline L-Fucose Features:

● Very high purity

● Natural

● Non-GMO

● Chemically and microbiologically stable

● High Purity Low Endotoxin (HPLE)