Crystalline D-Mannose

D-Mannose is a naturally occurring hexose prevalent in many plants. Healtang's product is distilled from natural non-GMO raw materials using Healtang’s proprietary technology.


Used in Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Cosmetics Industries

It is widely used as a nutritional supplement to promote urinary tract health. Nutritional intake of D-Mannose is regarded with the function to promote the body’s ability to produce a glycoprotein known as Tamm-Horsfall protein (THP) which is present in human urine; and moreover, THP plays a role in our ability to combat E.Coli borne urinary tract infections (UTI).

D-Mannose is also known for its skin-friendly humectant properties, and is increasingly applied in the Personal Care and Cosmetics Industries.

Key Features and Benefits of Crystalline D-Mannose

Healtang’s high quality D-Mannose is manufactured using our proprietary technology allowing our Crystalline D-Mannose product to be in extremely high-purity aipha form. This is important as the alpha form has a sweet and pleasant taste. Moreover, our product is always manufactured as a High Purity Low Endotoxin (HPLE) grade product making it suitable to be used in clinical skincare and pharmaceutical applications.

Crystalline D-Mannose

Crystalline D-Mannose Features

D-Mannose Features:

● Very high chemical purity

● Excellent sweetness and taste profile

● Manufactured from natural and non-GMO raw materials

● HPLE grade

● Granular product also available (2017)